Join PBwiki summer camp and earn a free classroom wiki

Want to build the ultimate classroom wiki and have it ready for the start of the fall semester?

Join us for PBwiki Summer Camp!

We know that a lot of educators have heard about wikis but just aren’t sure how to use them in the classroom. In PBwiki Summer Camp you will learn the best way to structure your classroom site, engage your students with audio and video and connect with experienced wiki mentors.

At the end of the summer, Campers who have followed the program receive a free platinum wiki for the school year, as well as some fun swag along the way.

PBwiki Summer Camp is full – we are no longer accepting applications for new campers! If you would like to sign up for the next PBwiki Camp,

69 thoughts on “Join PBwiki summer camp and earn a free classroom wiki

  1. Where and when do I begin the PBwiki Summer Camp? I hope that I am not too late….
    Thank you.

  2. Hi PBW team —

    Could I get a little info about the summer camp, please? Cost? Schedule? Location (online? physical?). Total amount of time? (Six-weeks, but how much time per day/week?)

    I’m assuming it is free and virtual with an asynch schedule, but I don’t think I should have to sign up for it to find that out one way or the other.


    — Nelson Bonner

  3. What happens to the “free platinum wiki” after the end of the school year? Are we required to pay for it then? Or may we continue using it for free?

  4. How long does the summer camp last? Are there assignments, etc.? I can’t find any information other than the sign up location.

  5. Hi! Can you tell me if the summer camp will be relevant to my context please? I’m a EFL teacher of adults in Spain, mostly in a buisness context. Will you be focussing just on primary/secondary education or does the course cater for other kinds of teachers too?

  6. Hello!

    I’d love to do this because my whole school (Campbell Hall) has been exploring Wikis since last September, and certainly in earnest since the end of January.

    I started a Wiki to try to join the Southern California Physics Teachers together.

    I can see how it would have some applicability to classes, but I’m not sure if my school would want me under their “umbrella” Wiki to be able to chart my progress or not.

    And I’m not sure how long your on-line course would take each day, especially when I have to start gearing up for the Fall.

    OTOH, I know that a well-run Wiki more or less runs itself, so it could be a time-saver for me and better for class discussion, orientation and learning in the long run.

    Can you help me decide?

    — Steve >>>>

  7. I have created wiki before and used them in my classroom. Will this course help me? I would like to know how I can structure and design more interesting wikis.

  8. Just tried to sign up for the summer camp and was taken to a “Thank you for subscribing” page. What next? Thanks.

  9. I filled in the form and clicked the Begin PBwiki Summer Camp, but remain unclear about what happens next. I’m ready to start…

    Dick Detwiler

  10. Hi
    I’ve been using pbwiki a lot this year, in higher education and educational development at University of Surrey. Not so keen on the idea of ‘classroom’ learning, as you’ll see if you check out the wiki above … the most public manifestation of our work with wikis. (I prefer using closed wikis for developing community ideas.) Will this summer camp be of any use to me or my colleagues thinking of using wiki at university – maybe for students on placement rather than for ‘classroom’ or lecture theatre learning?
    Jo Tait
    (assistant director, surrey centre for excellence in professional training and education)

  11. Like Ms. Liakos, I need to know dates, times, etc. You have given us enough information to entice us; we see the value, but can you provide more practical information? Teachers based their year on planning. The more help you can give us in knowing when to learn, the more time we can have to prepare to use it in class.

    I would also like to pass this information along to other teachers but they will want the same information.


  12. I registered for the summer camp yesterday. At the end of the registration process I received a “Thank you” but nothing else. I was expecting directions to begin the workshop.

    Am I registered? Should I have received some additional Materials?

    thank you


  13. This is great. I want to learn how to do this with my different classes. I want to implement wikis into the classroom. How do we start and when?

  14. Wow–this must have been a huge success to already be closed for applications. I just opened my email from two days ago with the invitation.

  15. I want my students to create a wiki, in which small groups of students collaborate to solve real world problems that nurses face, and back up their findings from the literature.

  16. When will you offer another training for using pbwiki in the classroom? I’m a computer teacher and would love to learn more.


  17. I already have a wiki that I started last year, but I need a lot more help to get it to be a necessity to others.

  18. Why would you send this to me to entice me to commit and then tell me it is full? Shame on you!

  19. Sad that your summer camp is full!! I just received notification
    about this from our tech dept Friday.
    Let me know if there are cancellations, okay?

  20. I signed up July 17 but cannot get access. I use e-mail notifications on the wikis I use with students and I need this feature on. But now I am getting blasted with hundreds of PBWiki e-mail notifications from the summer camp wiki that I cannot get into. How can I turn off only the summer camp notifications?

  21. Hey all,

    Thanks for your interest!

    Stay tuned next month to hear more back to school offers and lessons on classroom wikis. They fill up quickly so be the first to sign up!

    To learn to turn off notifications and other wiki specific features, check out our customer manual –


  22. Please let me know if you add on a second camp, missed the sign up and trying to find a walk through to create the site for fall classes.

  23. Hi there,

    I just opened my email… Help when will there be another camp?
    If anyone drops out or get posion ivy at camp will there room for one more camper?

  24. I, too have missed the deadline. Can you recommend a
    good book to use to learn what you’re teaching in the

  25. I was on vacation, but would like to sign up for the summer camp if any additional spaces become available.

  26. Hi, be so kind and take me to your course, please! I need the knowledge urgently! Thank you for your answer. Dana

  27. I would love to take a course if you offer another camp or online classes. Please send me a notice if you offer anything in the future.

  28. I would love to get involved with this program. I already have a wiki but things are changing this year and I need to find out how to use my wiki to the best advantage. Are there any more chances to fill a class?

  29. I am really interested in this camp as all the others. please let me know if there will be another one.

  30. Seems I’m late for this summer camp. Please let me know if there is another one. I’ve heard from teachers who use wikis and find that student participation is much higher than in the old “write it in your copy” method. I’m really keen to give it a go.
    Jean Walsh

  31. My sentiments exactly. Was on vacation, missed the deadline, please offer this again and sign me up.
    Just love pbwikis — Have created 5 so far…..4 used with my students last year.

  32. I’m disappointed in the way PBwiki handled this summer camp offering.

    Lot’s of earnest questions, no answers.

    It reflects a rather poor awareness of (or sensitivity to) teachers’ needs in terms of planning for tech methods and content.

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