PBwiki status update

7/8/08, 5:38pm: PBwiki is now fully operational. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this issue.

7/8/08, 5:14pm: Power has been restored to most of our servers, and a dedicated member of our staff is on site working to bring the remaining ones back. We are running routine checks and hope to have service fully restored soon.

7/8/08, 4:43pm: Our datacenter provider, normally the happy home for all our servers, experienced a power outage today that knocked out access many of our wikis.  Sorry for the inconvinience, PBwiki and our provider are scrambling to get everyone connected again!  More updates when we have them.

7/8/08, 3:55pm: If you’ve noticed your wiki is sluggish or inaccessible, we’re aware of the problem: Our upstream network provider is having connectivity issues, and we are monitoring the situation to restore access to your wiki ASAP. Your data is safe, and we’ll update this blog post as soon as possible.

6 thoughts on “PBwiki status update

  1. Well, my data isn’t safe. I spent 3 weeks on my page to find out YOU deleted it. Anyway I know its not my class mates because hardly anyone goes on.

  2. Something had happened to my wiki this morning. None of the uploaded files are visible now, though we still have 65% of our 10Mb available. As we were about to upgrade this is worrying.
    Regards, Ian

  3. Hi Ian,

    Can you email us at support[at]pbwiki[dot]com so we can take a look at your problem? Thanks!

    PBwiki Support

  4. “i am so angry”,

    Please email us at support[at]pbwiki[dot]com to explain your situation in further detail. It’s unlikely that we would delete anything once it has been uploaded without being told to do so. Let us know the file/page and the wiki when you email us and we’ll do our best to track down what happened.

    Thanks for your patience,
    Vu Nguyen
    PBwiki Support

  5. Ram,

    If the point-and-click editor has never worked for you, please make sure you are using the latest versions of the Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari browsers (I believe the latest Opera also works with out editor). If it just recently stopped working, you may need to do a hard refresh of the page (hold SHIFT while clicking “reload”).

    PBwiki Support

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