PBwiki status update

In our excitement to push out some great new features today, we introduced a bug that made notification emails on your 2.0 PBwikis act a little strange: messages were including changes you were already notified about, and timestamps were showing up in GMT. Both of these issues have been fixed, and you shouldn’t see any last side-effects.

The problem was in effect from approximately 4:48 PDT to 5:50 PDT. We’re sorry for the issues in notifications that were sent out during this time period.

3 thoughts on “PBwiki status update

  1. I asked to migrate my wiki to 2.0. It doesn’t look any different even after I clicked on the appropriate link when the email message was sent to me confirming that I am the creator of this wiki.

    How will I know if the migration has occurred?


  2. Hi Linda,

    To migrate your wiki you actually go through a three-step process, which this email should have sent you through. Can you contact support directly (through the help link on your wiki) so we can sort this out for you?

  3. Hi Linda,

    You and I have resolved the problem over email.

    If there are any other users who would like to migrate their 1.0 wikis to 2.0, pleases go to http://pbwiki.com/2 and sign up.

    If you encounter any issues along the way, contact us here at support (hint: click the Help link on your wiki!) and we’ll fix things right up!

    PBwiki Support

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