New Feature: Even more customization for your wiki pages (premium feature)

Today we’re excited to announce an even easier way to customize your PBwiki pages.

In the past if you wanted to remove static elements from the page – like the comment box or the sidebar – you had to use custom CSS. This was a pain for many reasons – you had to know CSS, even then your CSS code might not work in all browsers and it was hard to create default settings for your page.

Our new customization settings makes it super easy to design your wiki pages – and you don’t need custom CSS. Now you can:

  • Display your comments in reverse chronological order or remove the comment box entirely.
  • Remove header, footer and contact forms from your wiki.
  • Chose what elements are available on the side panel – remove the sidebar, folders and recent wiki activity.

Note: If you remove the comment box, existing comments will be saved but not visible on the page.

To add custom settings to your wiki, go to Settings —> Advanced Settings —> Customization. This feature is available on all premium wikis.

We love feedback! Let us know how you will customize your wiki!

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