Do you need to hate your enemies?

(Image courtesy of aaardvaark) Do you need to hate your enemies? Business is all about competition. If someone buys your solution, they’re not going to buy from your competitor, and vice versa. So do you need to hate your enemies? Recently, Kristine, PBwiki’s customer evangelist, struck up a Twitter conversation with the product manager atContinue reading “Do you need to hate your enemies?”

Even World Class Talent Needs to Communicate

The National Basketball Association has finally reached the quarter pole of the 2008-2009 season meaning that teams have played about 3/4s of their total games.  At this point, it’s pretty easy to tell which teams have a chance of winning the championship and which teams are already dreaming about next year. The Boston Celtics isContinue reading “Even World Class Talent Needs to Communicate”