New Feature: Document Import

Introducing a whole new way to create pages on your PBworks. Our newest feature – Document Import – allows you to convert your Microsoft Office files into pages on your PBworks space.

The recent document management release allowed you to upload and share your documents and files – but it was still tricky to copy information from word and paste it onto your workspace.

“I have about 50 multi-page MS Word files that I need to bring in to PBworks, retaining links and basic formatting… I’ve tried copy/paste, but none of the formatting is retained and it takes way too long to create bulleted lists, redo hyperlinks, add bold text, etc. I’ve tried exporting the Word file to HTML, but I get all the Word garbage. “

The new Document Import feature makes it unbelievably easy to import a document or spreadsheet to your PBworks, so that the document’s content is copied onto a page in your workspace.  Here’s how:

Create a new page: Title your page and choose document import


Your new page will display all content – including images and color formatting – from your original word document.


That’s it! This is now a live page in your workspace, you can edit and change the formatting of your page.

Here’s a quick Q&A about the new document import feature:

Q: What files can I convert to pages on my workspace?
A: You can convert MS Word (.doc, .docx), WordPerfect (.wpd), Open Document Format (.odt), Plain text (.txt), MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Open Document Format (.ods), Comma-separated Values (.csv)

Q: Can I export my page as a word document?
The document import allows you to create workspace pages from your Microsoft office files, but you can not export them to Microsoft files just yet.

Q: How do I turn on this feature?

As always, there is nothing to download or turn on.  This feature is already available on all premium business workspaces – including the new legal edition PBworks. Try it today by creating a new page on your PBworks space.

3 thoughts on “New Feature: Document Import

  1. What about us Mac people? When will we be able participate in pbworks? Any idea of if or when you will support Pages or Numbers files for page creation?

  2. Please seriously considered giving your Campus/education pbWorks editions access to Document Import. This is not a Business only issue. Why would educators not use Word documents?

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