Introducing Network User Signup

19 Oct

One of the recent requests we received from a Project Edition customer asked, “Can I set up my network so that anyone from my company can join the network, without my having to invite them?”

This made a ton of sense, especially as Project Edition gets rolled out to ever larger numbers of corporate customers.  That’s why we’re introducing our simple, two-step Network User Signup system.

Step 1: Specify trusted email domains.

You can now set up your PBworks network so that anyone from a trusted email domain (such as can join the network.  Just click on “Network Access” within the “Settings” tab:

Network Access Settings

You can even whitelist and blacklist specific IP addresses for added security.

2. If you have an email account on a trusted domain, you can now join the network.

First, click the “Join this network” link:

Network Access screen

Next, enter your email address.  We’ll send you an email with instructions on how to set up your network account:

Enter email address screen

You can specify as many email domains and/or IP addresses as you need to.

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