Real Time Collaboration now on all networks

Last month we announced a groundbreaking set of new features available in our Real Time Collaboration update.Throughout the next two weeks, these features will be activated on all networks.

With these features all users, including network and guest accounts, will be able to:

  • Chat in real time– With PBworks IM, you can chat from a workspace or network.
  • Broadcast live, streaming edits– Editors can share real-time page changes to other users on the workspace.
  • View activity updates in your workspace– Receive immediate notification of changes to starred pages and activity from the network users you follow.
  • Learn more about these features in our user manual.

5 thoughts on “Real Time Collaboration now on all networks

  1. This is going to be great! My students who chat via comments will have expanded communication with this feature. One thing: please, allow students to have pictures or avatars for their student I.D. This change would be a great asset for communication and lots of fun for the kids.

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