New User Panel for all Networked Workspaces

Until today only administrators could see who is on a workspace, and what permission level each user has. It’s pretty difficult to work on collaborative projects when you can’t see who’s on your team! With the new user panel all users can see who is on the workspace and what workspace-wide permission level they have. Administrators can access the users panel from workspace settings, all other users will see a link in the top right of their workspace. Here are three reasons why we love this feature:

  • Now you can quickly find your coworkers email and check out their latest status update
  • Better understand exactly what your clients can see by checking their workspace-wide permission level
  • Sort by name, permission level, even email address! It’s easy to find who your looking for.

What non-administrators will see: users image

What all users will see: NEW USERS2 See a larger image here

8 thoughts on “New User Panel for all Networked Workspaces

  1. I am a legal edition user. It is very important that guests not be able to see all the workspace and certainly not all the network. In addition to being able to give them permission, it would be good to be able to lock them out of say the one workspace that you don’t wnat them to view.

    Also, I can see that a person has a page only permission, but it doesn’t say which page or folder they can look in. That would be helpful. I don’t know how to figure that out.


    1. Hi Doyle,
      The best way to manage users who shouldn’t have access to all network workspaces, is to invite that user as a ‘guest’ to a specific workspace. Guests are users who have access to one workspace, but not to all the workspaces on your network.

      You can invite guests to participate as ‘page level only’ users. Page level only users have access to just the pages that you decide – by default they don’t have access to every page on a workspace.

      Right now it is difficult to see what page level only users have access to. We are actively exploring ways to improve this and will keep you updated on the blog.


  2. After a quick look at your new look I have to say that I am not pleased that all users will be able to see each others level- this is not necessary and dilute administrative control. Not everything is collaborative particularly in classes or in presentations.

    Privacy is also an issue.

    These levels of viewing should be optional and under administrator control entirely

    Not happy with this

    1. Hi Mark,
      Workspace templates are available on network workspaces only. For the moment, Business Edition customers are the only ones who can create unlimited, customized workspaces. We’re looking into rolling this feature out to Campus Edition (our unlimited education package) as well.

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