Enhancements to your Users Panel

As the list of users on your workspace grows, it can become difficult to locate the user information that you’re looking for.

Today we’re pleased to announce a new user panel that makes it easier to locate users.  Instead of searching through many, many pages of names, now you can find the person you want.  You can now located users in many ways:

  • Sort by first and last name
  • Filter by email, name and permission level
  • Order based on last log in

By default this user list is available only to the administrator of the workspace.With this enhancement you can chose to share the users list with all the users on your workspace (only workspace users will see the users list).  This makes it easier for users to find workspace administrators, contact each other, and network outside of your workspace.

To expose your users list to other users go to Workspace Security and chose “Let workspace users see the Users Tab”.

7 thoughts on “Enhancements to your Users Panel

  1. Be’gore_in if we didn’t make it past St. Patties Day. Now trying out on your peanut butter works but find the copyright is 2007. Was that on purpose?
    Thanks, rae

    1. @Rae – If you check the bottom of our website (Pbworks.com), you’ll notice that our copyright is up to date: ©2005–2010 PBwiki, inc. All Rights Reserved.

  2. I like the new features that you have added to the users page, however, it would still be great if we could organize users into categories of our choosing. This way, when I’m approving users, I can immediately add them to a list or group of users for a particular project (i.e. relevant pages). Then I won’t have to keep a separate Word document or hard copy list of users for each project so I can remember who is who when I need to give a select group of people permission to a restricted page. It also helps me to know how many people for a particular project have requested access to the wiki to see their pages (restricted pages).
    I’m sure educators would probably like to be able to organize their users by class as well. And if people don’t want to organize users, they don’t have to, but I would like the option to do so.

    Thank you

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