New workspace editor live this week

Earlier this month we announced upcoming changes to your workspace editor including, improved formatting, easier bulleting and more accurate pasting from Word.

This week the new editor will be rolled out to all remaining users.

Thanks to your feedback and lots of hard work by BK2, this update has seriously improved the performance and reliability of the workspace editor.

Here’s what customers have to say:

“I absolutely love “Save & Continue” and the reduced amount of formatting code being imported along with Word docs. I spend far too much time cleaning up code for my users who can’t re-format after uploading”  -Barbara

“One new thing I really like is the option to save and continue. I also like the new feature for editing already posted links. The are both very nice. Thank you.” – Susan

22 thoughts on “New workspace editor live this week

  1. I really wish we could still size pictures on the page, and buffer them with a designated horizontal and vertical number of blank pixels. The loss of that feature is definitely a downgrade for my uses.

    1. Hi Sara,
      You can always size your pictures by right clicking the image and setting the exact pixel size. Unfortunately it does appear that the vertical and horizontal space options have been removed.

  2. I love the font size in points – excellent! Frustrating before with the % and the difficulty of getting it just the way I wanted it. Well done!

  3. I like the new editor, but I miss being able to use some keyboard commands for formatting. On my mac, I used to be able to do command-B for bold or command-I for italics. They still work for changing already-typed text, but now when I try them *as I type* it switches the font from Normal to a Times-like font. Ack.

    1. Hey Shelly,
      I’ve also noticed that the keyboard shortcut for bold and italic is funky. We’re working on making sure all keyboard shortcuts work across all browsers.

  4. The change so we can cut and paste from word will be a huge help. We used PBworks wiki to create all our documents for a federal program review. The old cut and paste limitations required extra time/tasks.
    BTW, we received a commendation on the wiki. They much preferred it to the old ways of file boxes, with folders, paper and many heavy 3-ring binders.
    English as a Second Language
    Lane Community College

  5. Most things about the new editor seem better, but there are one or two things that seem worse. The formatting window for images was better before; the formatting window for lists seems to have disappeared completely.

  6. I used to have a Flickr photo gallery on the Round Rock Jelly Coworking wiki, but now there’s just a black box.

    I’ve tried to re-embed the code twice, but no change.

    Anything I can do?

  7. I use to copy and paste my Excel documents without any problems. Now when this is done, the format is changed and I have to take the time to reformat everything to get it to become an easily readable document again. It also removes any cell or word coloring that I might have in my spreadsheet. Now I have to re-format everything. Is there no option for Excel documents to be copied over as before without stripping it of its format and changing it into a Word table?

  8. Not happy with this at all. red headings now appear black in the edit mode and more worryingly when trying to save one of my pages that has a large table I get error “Sorry, PBworks is experiencing slowness serving your request, Please try again or email support if the problem persists”. So I am unable to save my changes.
    I can so far see no advantages to the new editor.
    Please can I have the old one back

  9. Also when i click edit on a large page i now get an error message
    “stop running this script…
    A script on this page is causing internet explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run your computer might become unresponsive”

    so i click no… and it eventually goes away, but like i said I cant save my page with large tables in it, so I am unable to make any changes.

    1. Peter,
      The best place to get help is to email our support team at If you’re getting scripting errors, you may have extremely large pages (over 50KB) and need to separate into multiple pages. Please email the support team so we can help.

  10. How come I can’t right click on a table to add rows or columns. I have a mac. Is this a problem with the key strokes as mentioned above?

  11. Yes I have emailed your team and they have told me to split my pages. This is not satisfactory though because I didn’t need to split them in the old editor. So essentially your new editor is not as good at handling large pages as your old one. Surely a step backwards?!

  12. Update – Its not all bad news now. The large table pages now seem to save quicker (so I presume yesterday you must just have been having problems with your server when I was getting the slowness error messages). I still get the “stop running this script” alert boxes but I can live with them for now.

  13. I want to join some comments here, I really would like to resize uploaded and inserted images. I often post images with 900px width and this looks just horrible in the final page. I could spend some time editing every image code with some css stuff to shrink it down but thats no solution.

  14. I was able to pull a excel spreadsheet in color into Wiki before and it transferred in color and now it only transfers in B&W? It does not look at all like I need it to?

  15. Hi Francie,

    Unfortunately, preserving the formatting from Excel is not supported in every browser, however, it is supported in Internet Explorer. If you have access to that browser, you can use that to preserve the colors.

    Additionally, premium workspaces have a Document Import feature which allows you to import an excel spreadsheet as a new page. This works the same in all browsers since the processing is done on our end. Read more about it here:

  16. New editor seems unable to handle pasted text correctly (in IE). I have contacted your support team and they told me they actually advise against pasting content into the editor because it causes formatting problems!! Surely this is one of the main uses for pbworks – pasting data from other sources into pages – and it is only text from notepad after all???

    1. Peter,
      It’s great that the support team is getting back to you so quickly. I’m sorry you didn’t like their answer, but let me reiterate what was sent to you via email.

      When pasting from external sources, the PBworks editor ensures that the content is preserved – as it did previously. However, if any formatting conflicts with the editor then it is removed to make that you can always continue to edit. It is best, for all online editors, to remove the formatting by pasting into a plain text editor before pasting into your workspace page. Alternatively you can use the word import function to create a page that preserves your page format.


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