Third Annual Summer Camp- Limited Enrollment

06/14/10 – Camp is closed!


It’s time for the 3rd annual PBworks Summer Camp —  the ultimate way for educators to learn how to use wikis in their school. Summer Camp participants will learn the ins and outs of using PBworks, including how to build a secure student-led site, the best way to integrate wikis with existing lesson plans and using interactive media to engage your audience.

This free training program will last four weeks from June 21nd to July 20st 2010. Camp is run by PBworks with help from experienced mentors from all over the world who support campers and share tips along the way.

Each week there will be a specific lesson on how to use your wiki. You will receive an email every Monday with a video, a lesson,  and with links to the homework, examples and more. Campers must review the video, do your homework and meet with us on Tuesday or Wednesday for a virtual presentation.

At the end of the session, Campers who have followed the program receive a free premium classroom wiki for the school year and valuable lessons along the way!

10 thoughts on “Third Annual Summer Camp- Limited Enrollment

      1. Alas, with Kristine off on her around the world trip, we won’t be able to hold our usual Summer Camp program. If you’re interested in organizing local camps, we’ll be happy to support you.

    1. I would love to attend the camp. I attended last year, but was not comfortable to use it. I am moving to sixth grade this year and want to use it and learn more. Anyone expereinced enough to run one?

  1. Nice post on summer camps, I have read your above posted information on summer camps and got so many details about it. The concept of summer camps is constructed to increase the intelligence and interest in educational and extracurricular activities. Teens summer camps are also available for the teenagers as well as adults.

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