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Navigation Improvements are Live!

18 Feb

Last week we mentioned that navigation changes were coming soon.

Today we’re excited to launch a better way to navigate your workspace! Now it’s easier for you – and your users – to find key features like uploaded files, get in touch with other users and locate tasks and milestones (for Business Edition).

We made a few tweaks based on your earlier feedback and rest assured we’re keeping all your desires in mind.

With these improvements, we wanted to:

  • Tie your workspaces together and make moving between them easy
  • Make navigation within your workspace clear and simple
  • Highlight common and popular actions and bring them into easy reach

These changes are available now. To see them log into your workspace, or take a look at these screenshots from a sample standalone and business edition workspace.

For more details, check out our usermanual.

Standalone Workspace Navigation:

Standalone Workspace

Business Edition Network Workspace:

Network Workspace

Details about the navigation:

On stand-alone workspaces, the breadcrumbs allow you to navigate directly to your personal list of workspaces (also listed on your my.pbworks.com page), and view the list of workspaces that you have recently used.

On networked workspaces, the breadcrumbs allow you to navigate to your network dashboard and to the the workspaces that you have recently used.

These workspace tabs allow you to access the front page of your wiki, quickly navigate to your uploaded files and administrators will be able to view their settings. These features act the same, only the navigation has changed. If a user does not have access to your uploaded files, they will not be able to view the list of files on your workspace.

What do you think about these improvements? Tell us in the comments.

New feature preview – Navigation Improvements

4 Feb

In the next few weeks your workspace navigation will be automatically updated. This update will change how you access your core collaboration features, making them easier to discover and use. The navigation impacts how you:

  • Create and manage wiki pages
  • Access uploaded documents and files
  • Share the list of users on your workspace User
  • Manage project plans (Business Edition)

Changes on Stand-alone workspaces:

Top level navigation to access your my.pbworks.com account and navigate between your many workspaces by clicking ‘workspaces’.

Tabs to easily view your wiki, pages & files and settings. The settings tab is only available to workspace administrators.

User Tab that all users can see.  Now the user list will be viewable to all users on your workspace.

Changes on Business Edition Network Workspaces:

Top level navigation to access your network dashboard and navigate between your recent workspaces by clicking ‘workspaces’.

Tabs to easily view your wiki, pages & files, tasks, and settings. The settings tab is only available to workspace  administrators.

User Tab that all users can see.  Now the user list can be viewed by all members of your workspace.

These screenshots are just a preview and the navigation may look slightly different when it’s activated on your workspace.

Tell us what you think of the new navigation!

Rename your Front Page

2 Feb

page name change

The front page of your wiki is the first page that users see and acts as the table of contents for your site. Information on the front page should explain the purpose of your wiki, how you want users to participate and important pages that users can navigate to when getting started.

Now you change the name of your front page to more accurately reflect the purpose of your wiki.

To rename your page, choose edit and click ‘rename this page’.


Get unlimited wikis and users for your school district with District EditionN

4 Aug

In the beginning, individual teachers bought our Classroom Edition.  Then as word spread, entire schools bought our Campus Edition.  Now, just in time for the 2009-2010 school year, we’ve taken the next logical step and launched our District Edition.

PBworks District Edition gives each K-12 school district that signs up an *unlimited* number of wiki workspaces and users.  Now you can share PBworks with every single student, teacher, administrator, parent, and yes, janitor in your school district.

Already, districts like Baltimore County Public Schools and the Wake County Public School System have signed up…maybe you can convince your district to be next!  Here is our announcement.

Each time, we’ve been surprised by the enthusiasm for our larger Academic packages, but we think District Edition is probably the upper limit for size.  Unless….

Country Edition anyone?

New Feature – Full Screen Edit

15 Jul

Have you ever edited your workspace and though, “This edit box is just too small, I want more space!”

No problem! Our latest feature, called Full Screen Edit, allows you to expand your edit box to the full width and height of your screen. With full screen edit you only see the toolbar and save button, all other page elements are hidden from view.

To enter fill screen edit mode, click the ‘flower’ button on your toolbar. Click once again to return to normal editing.

Full screen editor

What do you think of full screen edit? Tell us in the comments!

McTeach: Love the new addition on PBWorks! You can now switch to fullscreen mode when editing a page! Very handy!!

Star important pages and receive personalized notifications

31 Mar

Our new feature, Starred Pages, makes it super simple to bookmark the pages that matter most to you and quickly navigate to them.

If you have a large wiki with hundreds of pages, you probably work on only few of these pages but you receive notifications about all the changes on every page.

Now you can bookmark the pages that matter most to you and create a personal folder of just starred pages.

Personalized Notifications (Premium Feature)
Starred Pages goes beyond simply providing a convenient bookmark. Now premium users can chose to receive selective notifications about just those starred pages. Before, you could only turn workspace notifications on or off. Now you can choose between four different levels:

1. No notifications for this workspace
2. Only notify me about changes to Starred Pages
3. Only notify me about changes to Starred Pages and newly added items (new pages and files)
4. Notify me about all changes to this workspace

Click the star, to bookmark a page

View your starred pages on The Navigator

Or view all starred pages on your personal dashboard

Set notification preferences (Premium Feature)

We’re really excited about this new feature and so are the people already using it!

“Personalized notifications!!! You guys listened to us! Woohoo! thank you, thank you, thank you. Our IT documentation will benefit from this greatly”. -Elias P.

For more details about how to use Starred Pages and Granular Notifications, check out our user manual.

New Feature: PBwiki Has Spellcheck!

18 Mar

Yes it’s been a long time coming but today we’re thrilled to announce — PBwiki now comes with spell check!

To double check your spelling, click on the spell check icon in your toolbar (beside the plugin icon). All misspelled words will be underlined with a dotted red line. Right click on the word to view suggested spellings.


We love feedback, let us know what you think!