Urgent Maintenance, Feb 21st, 9:30am pacific

An unexpected issue has been identified by our engineering team stemming from our data center move this weekend. PBworks is unavailable. We are working to address the issue and will update this blog periodically as we address it.

[update : 11:42am PST]

The team has identified the issue, and are diligently working to implement a solution and bring the service back online as soon as possible.

[update : 12:00pm PST]

We have brought the PBworks service back online. This maintenance required a restart of our database servers. Pages may take longer to load with a potential for timeouts while our cache servers are filling. If you experience a timeout, please wait a few minutes and then try reloading your page.

–The PBworks Team

5 thoughts on “Urgent Maintenance, Feb 21st, 9:30am pacific

  1. My workspaces are disappeared completely, when i insert the links it tells me that they doesn’t exist, pls i need them for a university’s homework that i have to send in 16h

  2. Having the same issue as listed above. Looks as if any edits made yesterday and today have disappeared from the page itself, while when I look at the recent activity page, it still shows up as having been edited. I click to see what edits have been made and it shows an edit date from further back. ???

    1. exactly, just like me. It shows the 17th for changes when i did it yesterday. Now the question is if it is going to be restored, i have 2 workspaces from the University and the class lost 2 days job. What can i do?

  3. In order to correct the issue on the servers, our engineering and IT teams had to identify and correct inconsistencies in one of the core databases. This touches on new workspaces, pages, edits, and files that were uploaded between ~12pm Saturday to about ~12pm today.

    If you have experienced an issue related to this issue, please get in contact with support@pbworks.com so that we can assist you.

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