Introducing the PBwiki Library

The PBwiki Library is an ever-growing collection of resources about PBwiki that we’re launching today. If you’ve been looking for a PDF to give to your co-workers outlining exactly how PBwiki works, you’ll find it here. We’ll also include wiki case studies, videos, and more. If there’s something that would make your life easier, pleaseContinue reading “Introducing the PBwiki Library”

"The problem is not access controls!"

Sometimes I get a funny reaction when I talk about PBwiki to people: “But…what about access controls? Who controls the content?” Our response is always the same: “The problem is not access controls! The real problem is figuring out how to get people to contribute to a community.” Whenever I start a PBwiki, my biggestContinue reading “"The problem is not access controls!"”

What PBwiki templates would you like to see?

We’d love to hear what templates you want to see on PBwiki (e.g., plan a trip, run a group project, etc). Also, if you’ve built a template and think it might be useful for others, we’d love to see it. We’ll keep an eye out and add the best template submissions PBwiki-wide for thousands ofContinue reading “What PBwiki templates would you like to see?”

Support for both WYSIWYG and WikiStyle editors

Currently, when creating a new wiki on PBwiki, one must choose between ‘Classic Editor’ and the ‘experimental WYSIWYG editor’. Depending on your answer, this enables (or not) our fancy new editor for that wiki. We’ve been receiving a lot of praise for the new editor (thanks guys!) as well as a few questions regarding continuedContinue reading “Support for both WYSIWYG and WikiStyle editors”

Brian Klug joins PBwiki as our javascript guru

We’re so excited to welcome Brian Klug to the PBwiki team! He sold his house and flew to the Bay Area all the way from Virginia. He’ll be working on the WYSIWYG interface immediately, and then some other stuff we have up our sleeve. A little bit about Brian: Brian co-founded MindSay with Adam OstrowContinue reading “Brian Klug joins PBwiki as our javascript guru”

What (we think) educators want from PBwiki

We spent the last week talking to educators from around the country who told us what they wanted from PBwiki. Each call took about 30 minutes and we tried to really understand what’s working, and what’s not. Here’s some of the feedback we got. Easier templates. We have some educational templates, but you want many,Continue reading “What (we think) educators want from PBwiki”

Premium users can get more features a la carte

We noticed lots of Premium users asking us how they could get additional features. It happened about 50 times, and then you should have heard the groans in the office. It went something like, “Dear god, how have we not already built this?” Now Premium users can upgrade to specific a la carte features. DoContinue reading “Premium users can get more features a la carte”