Introducing Workspace Summaries (and wiki page previews)

People use workspaces in many different ways–to manage projects, as an intranet, as a knowledgebase–and in each case, someone who wanted to develop a full understanding of what was happening on the workspace needed to look in a couple of different places. The FrontPage, which is the default place to start, offers a great placeContinue reading “Introducing Workspace Summaries (and wiki page previews)”

30 Minute Maintenance Window, Midnight Pacific Time, Saturday May 19

On the morning of Saturday, May 19, PBworks will be down for maintenance from midnight to 12:30 AM Pacific Time (3 AM Eastern/7 AM UTC/8 AM BST).  During this time, the PBworks service will be offline; you won’t be able to log in, nor will you be able to access your site. During these 30Continue reading “30 Minute Maintenance Window, Midnight Pacific Time, Saturday May 19”

Introducing Multi-value User Profile Fields

Thought we were done for the holidays?  Think again.  We’re still working away here at PBworks HQ.  Today’s new feature is the addition of multi-value user profile fields. Our user profiles are an important part of PBworks; Network Administrators can add any fields necessary to allow the members of their organization to share their skillsContinue reading “Introducing Multi-value User Profile Fields”

Introducing the PBworks Twitter Widget

As the Internet evolves, PBworks evolves with it.  You can see this evolution at work in the plugins we include in the product.  For a long time, we’ve had two product-specific plugins: YouTube and Skype.  We’ve just added a third: Twitter. In one sense, we don’t really need to add product-specific plugins.  We have genericContinue reading “Introducing the PBworks Twitter Widget”

Network Upgrade Window, Jan 5th 8-10 PM Pacific

Tonight, we’ll be upgrading our datacenter’s network connection to improve overall performance.  We expect the service to be unavailable for up to 20 minutes, sometime between 8-10 PM Pacific on January 5th, (11 PM-1 AM Eastern; 4-6 AM GMT/UTC on January 6). Many customers will find PBworks even faster than before, especially for users whoContinue reading “Network Upgrade Window, Jan 5th 8-10 PM Pacific”