Workspace Properties Upgrade

One of the more unique features of PBworks is the ability to combine structured and unstructured data. Structured data is the kind of information you might find in a database with a very specific format, like a phone number. In contrast, unstructured data is a blog of information that doesn’t impose any requirements, like aContinue reading “Workspace Properties Upgrade”

Introducing Drag-and-drop Tasks and Personal Tasks

Now that we’ve launched Tasks 2.0, we’ve come back three weeks later and made our project management even better. With Monday’s upgrade, you’re now able to drag-and-drop tasks.  From the Task List view of tasks, you can drag-and-drop tasks to reorder them within a Task List, move them between Task Lists, or reorder Task Lists. Continue reading “Introducing Drag-and-drop Tasks and Personal Tasks”

Introducing Workspace Summaries (and wiki page previews)

People use workspaces in many different ways–to manage projects, as an intranet, as a knowledgebase–and in each case, someone who wanted to develop a full understanding of what was happening on the workspace needed to look in a couple of different places. The FrontPage, which is the default place to start, offers a great placeContinue reading “Introducing Workspace Summaries (and wiki page previews)”

Introducing Keynote and HTML5 File Preview

One of the most popular features of our business products is the ability to view a preview of your files and documents online from within PBworks, without having to download and open them. We’ve just added two key enhancements to our file preview functionality, which should make our product even better for our Apple users.Continue reading “Introducing Keynote and HTML5 File Preview”

New Business/Freemium Features: Visual workspace enhancements, Exporting workspace properties, Support designation

Last night, we released a number of features we’ve been working on for the past few weeks.  We hope that these new features will give you even more ways to customize and get value from PBworks. 1. Workspace Enhancements: We’ve added a host of new features to improve the visual experience of working with PBworksContinue reading “New Business/Freemium Features: Visual workspace enhancements, Exporting workspace properties, Support designation”

Introducing Search Results Sorting (business feature)

One of the features in PBworks that customers love the most is the search.  We’ve continued to improve it over the years, adding the ability to search within files, and more recently, adding search facets so that you can filter results by things like file type, or who last edited an item. Yesterday night, weContinue reading “Introducing Search Results Sorting (business feature)”

Introducing the New Legal Hub

For the past few years, law firms of all sizes, ranging from solo practitioners to AmLaw 100 members have used PBworks Legal Hub for internal, client, and partner collaboration.  Legal Hub gave law firms all of PBworks’ standard collaboration tools (wikis, file sharing, project management, social software) with the additional legal functionality of server-side encryptionContinue reading “Introducing the New Legal Hub”

Introducing PBworks Gallery View

One of the major benefits of PBworks is how it serves as a central hub for all your work.  Whatever the nature of your work product, be it text on a wiki page, a spreadsheet of financials, or an important presentation, PBworks gives you a secure way to collaborate and share that content.  Now we’reContinue reading “Introducing PBworks Gallery View”