PDF export improvements coming along

Lots of people have requested an enhanced PDF export capability — our new team member Igor has been doing some great work adding features to this little gem of a feature. Top priorities for us are: 1) proper unicode support (for all those wacky citizens of the world) 2) proper handling of lists, especially nestedContinue reading “PDF export improvements coming along”

What (we think) educators want from PBwiki

We spent the last week talking to educators from around the country who told us what they wanted from PBwiki. Each call took about 30 minutes and we tried to really understand what’s working, and what’s not. Here’s some of the feedback we got. Easier templates. We have some educational templates, but you want many,Continue reading “What (we think) educators want from PBwiki”

Premium users can get more features a la carte

We noticed lots of Premium users asking us how they could get additional features. It happened about 50 times, and then you should have heard the groans in the office. It went something like, “Dear god, how have we not already built this?” Now Premium users can upgrade to specific a la carte features. DoContinue reading “Premium users can get more features a la carte”