Introducing “Recent Items” in the Livebar

One of the features in PBworks’ business product that comes in handy for me is the “Recent Activity” section of the Dashboard.  Not only does this provide a list of everyone’s recent edits, uploads, updates, and comments, it also provides a quick shortcut to the wiki pages, files, and workspaces I’ve recently visited. Under theContinue reading “Introducing “Recent Items” in the Livebar”

User Interface Updates Starting May 29

It’s been right around a year since our last big user interface update.  When we made that change, our goal was to provide a more unified and screen-efficient experience to place the emphasis where it belongs: on your content, files, and tasks Over the past few months, we’ve been working on pushing that key principleContinue reading “User Interface Updates Starting May 29”

Improved “Create Page” and User Profile Experience

Not every change we make at PBworks is a big one.  Sometimes, we just want to make incremental improvements. This week, we release two enhancements that improve the overall polish and experience of the business product. First, we improved the “Create Page” experience.  Previously, clicking the “Create Page” button brought you to a separate webContinue reading “Improved “Create Page” and User Profile Experience”

Phasing Out the 30Boxes Plugin (June 30, 2012)

30Boxes was one of the first plugins we added to PBworks back when the service was still called PBwiki.  This simple calendaring application let our users add a shared calendar to any workspace, and to have that calendar show up on multiple pages.  And while 30Boxes has never been used by most of our users,Continue reading “Phasing Out the 30Boxes Plugin (June 30, 2012)”

Introducing Improved File Preview (and better Sharing)

One of the key aspects of PBworks is the ability to work with files.  We’ve made files collaborative–you can upload them, set per-file access controls, share them, track their revision history, comment on them, tag them, and link to them. Some types of files, like web-viewable images like GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs, we display asContinue reading “Introducing Improved File Preview (and better Sharing)”

Introducing Personal Workspaces

Yesterday, PBworks celebrated the new year by introducing our first major feature of 2012: Personal Workspaces. A number of our customers told us that they wanted to use PBworks as a place where their employees could store their stuff–files, documents, brainstorms, etc.  One customer even went so far as to dedicate a member of theirContinue reading “Introducing Personal Workspaces”

Introducing Multi-value User Profile Fields

Thought we were done for the holidays?  Think again.  We’re still working away here at PBworks HQ.  Today’s new feature is the addition of multi-value user profile fields. Our user profiles are an important part of PBworks; Network Administrators can add any fields necessary to allow the members of their organization to share their skillsContinue reading “Introducing Multi-value User Profile Fields”

Introducing Multi-file Zip Download

One of the convenient features that PBworks customers use a lot is the ability to upload multiple files at once.  This is a great time-saver when uploading files like photos, images, or related documents. Unfortunately, web browser security settings prevent you from downloading more than one file at a time.  It’s not a PBworks restriction;Continue reading “Introducing Multi-file Zip Download”