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Growing in a Down Market with PBwiki (recording and transcript)

10 Jun

We had a great webinar this morning with Teo Mayes, the CTO of RMC Vanguard Mortgage, a rapidly growing mortgage company in Houston that has used PBwiki to improve both employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Click the link below to watch a recording of the webinar:

Or, if you’d prefer a quick summary, one of the webinar attendees put her own transcript of the proceedings on her blog:

Our next big event will be a live webinar with Peter Williams, the CEO of Deloitte Digital.  This webinar will take place at 4 PM Pacific on Wednesday, June 25.  To find the exact time in your time zone, use the Time Zone Converter (PBwiki’s time zone is U.S.A. – California – San Francisco).  Click the link below to sign up:

See PBwiki's Newest Features (Webinar 5/20, 10 AM Pacific)

19 May

We’ll be showing off some of the new features we’ve added to PBwiki in the past few months since the release of PBwiki 2.0.  These include:

  • Undo button
  • Remove formatting
  • Sortable tables
  • Footnotes
  • Improved lock stealing
  • AJAX tags
  • Notifications 2.0
  • Comment notifications
  • To sign up for the webinar, click the link below:

    Using PBwiki to manage your projects

    15 Apr

    We just finished up another great webinar today, focused on using PBwiki for project management.  We spent an hour going over how you can use PBwiki templates and folders to build your own project management system, and answered a whole bunch of questions from users.

    To watch this and other recorded webinars, or to sign up for future webinars, be sure to visit our webinars page.

    A PBwiki Webinar, Starring *You*

    3 Apr

    As y’all might have noticed from our Web site, PBwiki is now conducting regular webinars to help folks learn how they can use PBwiki to make their lives better: http://pbworks.com/content/webinars

    The reaction to these webinars has been so positive, that now we’d like to expand them to include PBwiki users.

    If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming PBwiki webinar, please leave a comment on this post.

    If you’re an expert using PBwiki in your work, or if PBwiki has made a big difference in your life, we might want you to star in our next webinar. For example, one upcoming webinar will feature a leading professional organizer, who will talk about how you can use PBwiki to organize your life.

    This is especially perfect for professionals who would like a way to reach PBwiki’s loyal user base of millions.

    So if you think you have what it takes to co-host a PBwiki webinar, leave a comment, or email me, Chris Yeh, at chris dot yeh at pbwiki dot com.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing your name in lights.

    P.S. As I mentioned in my last webinar on templates, if you have a template that you’ve created that you think really kicks ass, let me know. We might just add it PBwiki (named after you, of course!).

    P.P.S. If you’d like to be featured in a webinar and reach millions of PBwiki users — and PBwiki has made a big difference in your life — please leave a comment on this post.