Growing in a Down Market with PBwiki (recording and transcript)

We had a great webinar this morning with Teo Mayes, the CTO of RMC Vanguard Mortgage, a rapidly growing mortgage company in Houston that has used PBwiki to improve both employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Click the link below to watch a recording of the webinar: Or, if you’d prefer a quick summary, oneContinue reading “Growing in a Down Market with PBwiki (recording and transcript)”

See PBwiki's Newest Features (Webinar 5/20, 10 AM Pacific)

We’ll be showing off some of the new features we’ve added to PBwiki in the past few months since the release of PBwiki 2.0.  These include: Undo button Remove formatting Sortable tables Footnotes Improved lock stealing AJAX tags Notifications 2.0 Comment notifications To sign up for the webinar, click the link below:

Using PBwiki to manage your projects

We just finished up another great webinar today, focused on using PBwiki for project management.  We spent an hour going over how you can use PBwiki templates and folders to build your own project management system, and answered a whole bunch of questions from users. To watch this and other recorded webinars, or to signContinue reading “Using PBwiki to manage your projects”

A PBwiki Webinar, Starring *You*

As y’all might have noticed from our Web site, PBwiki is now conducting regular webinars to help folks learn how they can use PBwiki to make their lives better: The reaction to these webinars has been so positive, that now we’d like to expand them to include PBwiki users. If you’d like to beContinue reading “A PBwiki Webinar, Starring *You*”