A PBwiki Webinar, Starring *You*

As y’all might have noticed from our Web site, PBwiki is now conducting regular webinars to help folks learn how they can use PBwiki to make their lives better: http://pbworks.com/content/webinars The reaction to these webinars has been so positive, that now we’d like to expand them to include PBwiki users. If you’d like to beContinue reading “A PBwiki Webinar, Starring *You*”

To Sell Your Story, Be The Story

  For this week’s marketing post, I’m going to delve into the world of politics again, which holds some interesting lessons for the business world.  One of the major advantages that Barack Obama currently holds over Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination here in the United States lies in how hisContinue reading “To Sell Your Story, Be The Story”

Great Expectations (Management)

One of the skills every marketer (if not every person) needs to master is the art of managing expectations. Managing expectations is a “Goldilocks” task–too high, and they’ll be impossible to meet; too low, and they’ll detract from your accomplishments; just right, and you’ll be a hero.  Of the potential pitfalls, high expectations are perhapsContinue reading “Great Expectations (Management)”

If at first you don't persuade, try, try again (The Rule of Six)

One of the most important principles of marketing is persistence.  Every marketer I’ve ever worked with has said that a target has to be exposed to your message at least six times before it sinks in. At first, I wasn’t certain if I believed them.  After all, six times seems kind of arbitrary, and IContinue reading “If at first you don't persuade, try, try again (The Rule of Six)”

You Get What You Inspect, Not What You Expect

When I started my first company (long, long ago in a valley not so far away), I learned a valuable lesson from Jim Fitzsimmons, the guy I recruited to be CEO. Jim had experience both as an entrepreneur, and as a corporate manager (he had been assistant controller of all of Pepsico), and he hadContinue reading “You Get What You Inspect, Not What You Expect”