Case study:

What is It’s a class on communication, arts, and sciences (100b is the course designation). How’d you first hear about PBwiki?I took an English graduate class (I’m a grad student as well as an instructor) and decided to give it a try since I teach a group communications class. Several of my colleagues wereContinue reading “Case study:”

Tip of the Week #6: Cross-Browser Design

PBwiki does an amazing job of maintaining cross-browser compatibility in its basic design, so much so that people have told me about editing their wikis from their Blackberries. The designers work hard getting layouts and skins to look the same in every major browser, and for the most part, you’ll never ever have to thinkContinue reading “Tip of the Week #6: Cross-Browser Design”

PBwiki in medical school!

Ritu S. writes… I’m a first-year medical student and for Histology class we are assigned multiple group projects over the year. There are six to eight students per group, and we usually divide the project into sections. We each send our individual slides to one or two other students for editing and compilation. For eachContinue reading “PBwiki in medical school!”