15 educators respond: "How would you use PBwiki in your classroom?"

Yesterday, we posted feedback from educators called 10 reasons educators love us. Today, we’re posting feedback from superstar educator Kathleen Ferenz’s seminar on PBwiki. She asked the educators in her seminar…

“How would you use PBwiki?”

  • “I can see this as really useful for having students create and share book reviews.”
  • “Would want to redistribute this presentation to our region and the counties we service.”
  • “After fiddling around with wikis for awhile, I plan on implementing them into the curriculum.”
  • “I could use this at work as well as at home.”
  • “Helping teachers create them for their students, Book Reviews”

    There’s more!

  • “Daily in the library media center and in inservices.”
  • “I am definitely going back to start my library wiki tonight. IT’ll be ready to roll out when school starts next Monday.”
  • “After school programs, during library time.”
  • “Will set up a Wiki with the classes which I give orientation to, a poetry Wiki and a picture book Wiki.”
  • “I will definitely use it in all my computerized schools. I look forward to beginning by having 3rd graders share book reports on their pbwiki”

    …and still more ways educators would use PBwiki:

  • “After more thorough exploration of the wikis, I will most likely start having the students use the wiki that I create to post their research work and projects at the end of the semester.”
  • “I will definitely use the wiki with my class this year. I have already begun creating a wiki over the summer and plan to use my class as test bunnies this year.”
  • “I can use PBwiki as a resource which parents can access and also develop curriculum that I can use in the classroom with students.”
  • “After using the wiki wiki website for a couple of months I would like to use it with my students as another teaching method.”
  • “I would use the Wiki web pages to create pages for students to post their work right away and to do grades at home.”
  • 24 thoughts on “15 educators respond: "How would you use PBwiki in your classroom?"

    1. I have to admit that this is the first time that I have heard of wiki and I learned about it through this course. My first response was what in the world am I supposed to do with this? I guess I will be learning throughout this course, won’t I?

    2. For the last two years I’ve used the wiki to allow 7th grade geography students to summarize current events and then discuss them with each other. It’s the first time students have actually *asked* to be allowed to do current events. (I’ve found students online working at 8:45 on Friday nights…)

      The wiki is currently configured as a “virtual tour” where I researched the activities and locations where my son’s choir was singing. The next time I chaperone the French or Spanish students I will be using it this way for the parents.

      For this year, I am teaching a high school environmental science class. I will be using the wiki to allow students to discuss issues of resource use, debate statistics, think about global warming, and to allow comments from parents and other interested community members.

    3. I am using my pbwiki as my classroom website this year. It’s a great parental communication tool as well as a resource for students. The pbwiki is very user-friendly to set up – much easier than creating and maintaining a website.
      I also plan on introducing my writing wiki again next spring with my third graders. What’s a teacher to do when her students beg to write in their wikis?

    4. I am using my PBWiki to have 6th grade students journal daily about the start of school. This is their first year in the middle school and they come with mixed fears an frustrations, so each morning during homeroom, I post a question of the day and they write their ideas. My idea is to have these available for next year’s students and parents to read to dispel any of their fears(lockers, getting lost, being late,etc.).

    5. The pb wiki is a great way to encourage students to REALLY work collaboratively. Here in the UK we teach a key skill called ‘working with others’ – students need to learn how to work as a team to plan, deliver and evaluate their projects. Using the wiki, we will be able to identify and evaluate the contributions made by individual team members. GREAT!

    6. As first year, Co- NESS Liaisons of Nova Blanche Elementary, we hope to use wiki to our greatest advantage. As of now, we do not have any first year educators on staff, however, our first goal will be to incorporate second year and new to Nova teachers. With the help of these teachers we are planning to form a Learning Community that will eventually assist the new educators and help with continuous improvement.

    7. I teach Advanced Placement Studio Art for high school students and my wife teaches Technical Writing at a university. Like many educators who have commented, we are now teaching most of our lesson plans from the PBWIKI server. We both upgraded to the Silver Level for the extra space so that we can create media-intensive group projects and photo galleries. I am our campus technology trainer as well as the school district’s fine arts webmaster and I plan to train our teachers to use PBWIKI as a primary communication tool among students, parents, staff, and the community. I hope one of your training seminars will come to North Texas- I would love to attend!

    8. Wow, it seems as if web 2.0 seems to reach all the way to the classroom. There are so many comments for teachers who use wikis to keep students in touch outside the classroom, it’s the way of the future. Maybe in the future students won’t even have to leave their house to go to school and just jump online.

    9. I teach Arts and Humanities (visual art, drama, dance, and music, along with world cultures and their influence on the arts), and would like to use a wiki as a way to get students involved somehow and to let them use technology, which they know so much about and they love. Any ideas?

    10. My students (high school English)are wildly excited about our class wiki! I set it up over the summer and started the year with it. In the last month we have started a book review section, a weekly discussion question section (students have had amazingly successful discussions because they draw from other’s ideas and go from there – students who rarely volunteer an opinion in class also feel comfortable writing a response instead. I heard from 60-70 students instead of the same 10) We used the wiki for group collaboration on research presentations, and students are begging to add things to their own pages to make creative writing forums. Who knows what’s next? My classroom has expanded in a way I never dreamed it could.

    11. I am an ESL teacher at 2 K-8 schools. I can’t always be available for my students when they need help.

      I have started a wiki for one school’s 7th grade class who have an extensive poetry project. I am helping them find and share resources, clarifying questions and such 24/7.

      I love this. I plan on expanding it and using wikis for most classes and for many topics.

      I have also started a wiki for all the ESL teachers in my district to collaborate on lessons and share information.


    12. I am a grade 8 Language Arts/Social Studies teacher. We are using pbwiki for the following:
      •research collaboration project involving a study trip to Thailand.
      • Literature circle discussions
      • portfolios
      • American Bill of Rights information and linking news articles that demonstrate how they are applied.
      • collaborative note taking and current events
      As a result, the kids are interested in writing well and finding unique ways to make links, apply the insert and plugins. We are having a great time!

    13. I plan on using this as extra classroom support for my year 12 students. They have such a short year that face to face teaching is simply not enough. This is a great way of helping them and helping them to help each other, outside of class.

    14. I teach teachers about technology, and use my wiki as a place to post all the resources from my classes. We also ue it as a way to disseminate information to teachers in the county.

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