New Feature – Navigate and organize your wiki

When we created PBwiki 2.0 one of the most important new features was the addition of folders. Folders allowed you to create specific sections on your wiki to organize pages and navigate to other pages in that folder. We heard from many of you that folders were great, but you wanted an easier way toContinue reading “New Feature – Navigate and organize your wiki”

Introducing the new Settings Panel on all 2.0 wikis

Yesterday, we rolled out a new settings panel for all PBwiki 2.0 wikis, making it easier to control the settings on your wiki. See details about the new settings panel. (Note: Don’t miss out on new features! We’ll be releasing new features for 2.0 wikis, so if you haven’t converted to PBwiki 2.0 yet, pleaseContinue reading “Introducing the new Settings Panel on all 2.0 wikis”

New feature: Email notifications look better, work better

We’re happy to announce our improved notifications emails, which have new functionality and a brand-new visual design. We previewed these earlier, and today we’re launching these to all PBwiki 2.0 wikis. (Still on PBwiki 1.0? Click here to update your 2.0 wiki before everyone else.) The new notifications include: Comment notifications. Your email notifications nowContinue reading “New feature: Email notifications look better, work better”

PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Folders

[See our past Previews of PBwiki 2.0: Page-level access and Overview.] Organizing your wiki becomes important as you add more and more content. In PBwiki 2.0, we’ve improved navigation with better search, improved tagging, and page folders. Today, I’m going to cover page folders in PBwiki 2.0. When it comes to PBwiki organization, there areContinue reading “PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Folders”

Here's how to get the improved PBwiki Sidebar — free

[Update, 11/1/07]: Clarified this post. Now everyone can use our improved Sidebar. This Sidebar lets you have three tabs: QuickStart: A list of simple actions to help people get accustomed to using PBwiki. Recent Activity: A list of recent changes on the wiki. SideBar: The regular Sidebar page, which is fully-editable. Most people use thisContinue reading “Here's how to get the improved PBwiki Sidebar — free”