New Feature — Re-arrange Your Sidebar Modules

Have you ever wanted to re-arrange your Sidebar on the right side of your wiki?

At PBwiki, we just love adding new features. There are enough wiki jockeys here in at PBHQ that it guarantees we’ll have differing opinions on how things should work — that’s one of the reasons we work hard to fit lots of different workflows. We’re proud to announce that we just got a bit more flexible: you can now re-arrange the different modules in your sidebar in PBwiki 2.0.

If you don’t use folders, stick the list at the bottom. Use the invitation field a lot? Put it at the top. Take a look at this quick screencast to see how it works.
Draggable Sidebar Modules from PBwiki on Vimeo.

Note: If you’re still on PBwiki 1.0 and want to update your wiki to PBwiki 2.0, please visit

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