New Feature: Improved Settings Panel

Right now the improved settings panel is being rolled out to all education wikis, all others will see this new setting next week (Aug 18, 2008).

Today wiki administrators will see an improved settings panel — with a new interface and easier navigation.

The new setting panel has three categories:

Use the ‘Basic Settings‘ features to customize your wiki – change the color or upload your logo.
Use the ‘Access Controls‘ to invite users, change your wiki’s security setting, or set request access.
Use the ‘Advanced Settings‘ if you want to add custom CSS or modify your wiki’s API.

We love feedback! Please let us know what you think.

14 thoughts on “New Feature: Improved Settings Panel

  1. I like the new interface. In the new interface, will the administrator be able to update information in the Users list? For example, last year our chapter’s president was “Firstname1 Lastname1” and this year it is “Firstname2 Lastname2”. The chapter president is subscribed using the chapter president’s e-mail address so it always goes to the chapter president. But it would be nice to be able to change the name of the subscribed member and send them a message to update the password. Right now, I’d like to be able to change it to a generic “Chapter President”.

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    A few things:

    1) The new PBwiki 2.0 does not have invite keys (wiki-wide passwords), instead there are individual log ins and personal passwords.

    2) In PBwiki 2.0 – everyone should sign in using their own email address. You can remove access for individuals — like people who leave your organization. There is no need to share an email address/login.

    3) Only the users themselves can change their name. To change your profile name, go to and sign in with your personal email address and password. Change your name under the profile tab.

    4) If you’re confused by any of this you can email our support team at support (at)


  3. Excellent! This looks really useful. The old layout is not as clean-looking or easily navigable. This one reminds me of the admin panel in the latest version of Movable Type, which I use quite regularly for my blog (

  4. It is good and easier to use.
    One thing, I was looking to see if there is a way to restrict what users get sent. Situation being that I’m making changes to one of my wikis ahead of the new academic year, but my class are getting a string of update notifications which they don’t need, and in some cases seems to be worrying some of them? I looked at the settings panel as a logical place to be able to do this but couldn’t see any such.

  5. The screen with the demo from Vimeo is just so blurred I can’t see what’s going on – so there’s no point me saving it or sending it on! Any chance you can speak more slowly and show clearer, larger text, please?

  6. I would like to be able to turn on and off any or all of the right-hand PBWIKI 2.0 panel information for the public (e.g. sidebar, recent changes) and set defaults for view/hide.

  7. I would like to echo the suggestion below. It would be great to be able to show/hide the right-hand panel site wide. It would be even more awesome to be able to show/hide it page by page.

    I would like to be able to turn on and off any or all of the right-hand PBWIKI 2.0 panel information for the public (e.g. sidebar, recent changes) and set defaults for view/hide.

  8. Tom, to change a private wiki into a public one, click on Settings > Wiki Security. You can switch your status there. Just select “Anyone” as the choice for “Who can view this wiki?”

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