New Feature: Easily share pages and update your team

Today collaborating on your wiki became that much easier!

We’re excited to introduce the new “Send a link” feature. This feature lets you tell other members of your team that you’ve updated the workspace, and ask them to review, comment, or edit the page.

Before when you wanted to share work with your team, you had to wait for them to receive wiki notifications. If you wanted immediate feedback on your work, you had to copy the URL and paste it into an email. (What a waste of time!)

Now use the “Send a link” feature to immediately share your work and ask for feedback. Here’s how:

When you’re done updating the page, click ‘send a link’

Add a short explanation and send to any member of the wiki.

The “Send a link” feature makes it easy to collaborate on specific pages and share page drafts between your team.

How will you use this feature? Tell us in the comments!

7 thoughts on “New Feature: Easily share pages and update your team

  1. This seems like it could be a really helpful feature. Opening up Outlook and sending an email breaks your train of thought – by keeping it within the application, there’s no break in flow, and you can move on without having to reaquaint yourself.

  2. I love this feature! It would be perfect if you could select multiple people from a list instead of typing each name or a send all function. We use our wiki as a document repository and it would be wonderful to notify everyone at once (without sending a seperate email) to any critical changes.

  3. I love that when you start typing a name, the matching users appear for you to click on. And, that once added, it’s a simple click to delete them. The Send a Link feature seems to work even if updates are turned off for the wiki (and for the recipient user), which is nice. Thumbs up on that.

    However, I really want an “All” option on that email list. When you have more than five people (more like 40-50) following a wiki, it’d be a nice way to force a message to everyone regarding important updates. Basically, we’re looking for a way to inform all wiki members of a critical update (without having to enter their user names one-by-one). One feature still seems to be lacking… a method, during the editing process, that lets the user determine whether it’s a minor or a major update and having different email notification strategies available for each.

  4. Hi guys,

    All of you seem to want the same thing – an easier way to message everyone, or specific groups of users.

    This is definitely something we will be working on in the future. If you want to see our behind the scenes features and test out what we’re working on, join our Alpha Team!


  5. I love the “Send a Link” feature. I have been testing it and wow. It´s amazing. GREAT JOB!!! 😀

    However, I agree with everyone else that has already posted. The option to “Send to All” or perhaps a list of people is lacking. I have over 100 students following my wiki and they are from specific groups. It´s very time consuming adding one by one, especially with groups of 30 students :-s

    I would love to be able to create a list of emails and then “send a link” to any of these lists.

    Thanks Kristine for letting us know about future improvements. In the meantime I´ll be using the “send a link” feature as much as possible 😉

    Kudos to PBWiki 🙂

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