New Feature – Navigate and organize your wiki

When we created PBwiki 2.0 one of the most important new features was the addition of folders. Folders allowed you to create specific sections on your wiki to organize pages and navigate to other pages in that folder.

We heard from many of you that folders were great, but you wanted an easier way to access content from other folders or even pages that weren’t in folders.

We heard you! Today we’re excited to introduce The Navigator, a new way view the pages and files of any folder and quickly jump to a specific page. The Navigator also gives you a quick way to locate your Starred Pages.

View all of your folders and starred pages

Click on the folder to view all pages and files

The Navigator will make it much easier to find all the pages and files on your wiki. Here’s what our Alpha Team users have to say:

“The Navigator is a great feature! I will definitely use it in my wikis, because it adds order, speed and convenience to seeing where things are.” – Larry B

For more details on how to use The Navigator, check out our user manual.

4 thoughts on “New Feature – Navigate and organize your wiki

  1. This is one of those features that you start to use one day, and then you wonder how you ever did without it.

  2. This is something that may meet a need I had. I suggested nested folders but this might do the trick.

  3. I love the new Navigator and Star features. They’re a smooth solution that solves many of the issues I was having. Two thumbs up!

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