Huge Security Improvements for Premium Workspaces

We are pleased to release a set of improvements that will make it much easier to understand what your users can see, and edit.

On basic workspaces all creators have to option to add users, and set workspace-wide permission.  This means that you can add an editor to your workspace, and that editor can make changes to every page.

Many of you need more flexible access controls – not all users should be able to view or edit every page.  That’s why premium workspaces have advanced access controls, allowing the administrator to lock pages, hide pages and even set specific access controls on each page.

Until now it’s been difficult to understand which users have access to what pages and what those users can view.  With this release, the security improvements give administrators a much better idea of what each user can see and who can view each page.

What can a user see?

On the new users panel we’re introducing a better way to view a users profile.  Click on a users name to view their email, location and profile. If your users panel is visible, all users can view this information.

Administrators have the option to view what content users can view.   When administrators click  “What can this user see”, they will see a list of all the folders, pages and files that the user has access to.

Who can see this page?

Not only will you have better visibility into what your users can see, you will also be able to understand which users have access to specific pages.  Click on the link that says “control access to this page” to view who can see and edit the page.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

Wow!!!! This is exactly what was missing. I am so looking forward to these updates!!!!
– Eduardo

10 thoughts on “Huge Security Improvements for Premium Workspaces

  1. Wow!!!!
    This is exactly what was missing. I am so looking forward to these updates!!!!

    So far the new screens an editor updates have been incredible.
    Great Job to all!!!!

  2. This is a nice feature. I would still like to see ‘group level’ security so that I do not have to manually assign users to folders/pages individually for custom security. That is my only issue with the security model.

  3. Can’t thank PBworks enough for their responsiveness! This is just what we need as Administrators orienting others to workspaces. And you provide these updates without us having to “reload”. Awesome…

  4. Good step forward with this security update!

    I too have a real need for ‘group level’ security.

  5. This is neat. Thanks!

    I’d still also like a “drop box” kind of page or folder, to which students/clients could upload documents but not be able to see the documents others had uploaded. For education users, this is one of the last organizational features where a “big box” course management system like Blackboard has a huge advantage. If I could download 30 student papers from one secure spot, that would be lovely.

  6. I would like to customise my sidebar to the security level of users.

    Essentially I do not want to reveal the existence of unreachable sections to users at low security levels.

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