100,000 Support Requests & Improvements

After a flurry of large projects – user groups, nested folders, and whole new editor – we’ve spent some time making sure these features worked really well. This included reviewing feedback and making a lot of small changes. Here are some changes that you asked for and we delivered. Collapsible nested folders – When weContinue reading “100,000 Support Requests & Improvements”

Create user groups and quickly set page security

Earlier this year we surveyed the top 100 educators on PBworks and asked them how we could make their workspace even better. The number one request was USER GROUPS!  Specifically people wanted to easily add the same group of users to a page or folder and make it easier to set page security. dianemain:  IContinue reading “Create user groups and quickly set page security”

Coming Soon – Nested Folders

We’re pleased to announce that all users of PBworks will soon have access to nested folders. This means that soon you will be able to place a folder inside of another folder. This has been one the the top requests from users and we’re excited to release this feature to our entire user base  –Continue reading “Coming Soon – Nested Folders”

PBworks – Iterative Development at it's Best

This spring the PBworks team has been on fire – have you noticed? In just the past month our small team has released a brand new editor, advanced workspace security, a new users panel and navigation changes that (finally) help people unearth their uploaded content. Not only that! Many people don’t see the extensive websiteContinue reading “PBworks – Iterative Development at it's Best”

Huge Security Improvements for Premium Workspaces

We are pleased to release a set of improvements that will make it much easier to understand what your users can see, and edit. On basic workspaces all creators have to option to add users, and set workspace-wide permission.  This means that you can add an editor to your workspace, and that editor can makeContinue reading “Huge Security Improvements for Premium Workspaces”

New workspace editor live this week

Earlier this month we announced upcoming changes to your workspace editor including, improved formatting, easier bulleting and more accurate pasting from Word. This week the new editor will be rolled out to all remaining users. Thanks to your feedback and lots of hard work by BK2, this update has seriously improved the performance and reliabilityContinue reading “New workspace editor live this week”

Enhancements to your Users Panel

As the list of users on your workspace grows, it can become difficult to locate the user information that you’re looking for. Today we’re pleased to announce a new user panel that makes it easier to locate users.  Instead of searching through many, many pages of names, now you can find the person you want. Continue reading “Enhancements to your Users Panel”

Coming soon – New Editor

At PBworks we keep track of all those support questions and feature requests that we receive from millions of users. Over time we noticed a pattern of frustration.  The number one support request has consistently been, PLEASE FIX YOUR EDITOR! Some of the things that you brought to our attention have been: Bullet points andContinue reading “Coming soon – New Editor”

Navigation Improvements are Live!

Last week we mentioned that navigation changes were coming soon. Today we’re excited to launch a better way to navigate your workspace! Now it’s easier for you – and your users – to find key features like uploaded files, get in touch with other users and locate tasks and milestones (for Business Edition). We madeContinue reading “Navigation Improvements are Live!”