Why We’re Letting Accelerators Give PBworks Away

This morning, we announced our “PBworks for Startups” program.  We’re working together with five different startup accelerators, TechStars, 500 Startups, Acceleprise, DreamIt, and Lemnos Labs, to offer PBworks Starter Pack licenses (normally $1,995 per year) free to any of their portfolio companies. While giving away premium licenses may seem like it contradicts the principles ofContinue reading “Why We’re Letting Accelerators Give PBworks Away”

PBworks Spring Cleaning: Reclaiming idle workspaces May 15

This May, PBworks celebrates its 8th birthday.  We have thousands and thousands of workspaces dating back to 2005, many of which have lain idle for years.  The problem with these idle workspaces is that they take up a lot of valuable URLs without doing either us (PBworks) or their creators any good. That’s why PBworksContinue reading “PBworks Spring Cleaning: Reclaiming idle workspaces May 15”

Printing Workspace Pages

We recently discovered an issue with the software package we use to create printable PDFs from your workspace pages.  We’re looking for a suitable replacement. In the meantime, you can still print your workspace pages.  Instead of using a PDF, you can select “Printable Version” and we’ll provide an easily printed web page.  If youContinue reading “Printing Workspace Pages”

Introducing the New Legal Hub

For the past few years, law firms of all sizes, ranging from solo practitioners to AmLaw 100 members have used PBworks Legal Hub for internal, client, and partner collaboration.  Legal Hub gave law firms all of PBworks’ standard collaboration tools (wikis, file sharing, project management, social software) with the additional legal functionality of server-side encryptionContinue reading “Introducing the New Legal Hub”

30 Minute Maintenance Window, Midnight Pacific Time, Saturday May 19

On the morning of Saturday, May 19, PBworks will be down for maintenance from midnight to 12:30 AM Pacific Time (3 AM Eastern/7 AM UTC/8 AM BST).  During this time, the PBworks service will be offline; you won’t be able to log in, nor will you be able to access your site. During these 30Continue reading “30 Minute Maintenance Window, Midnight Pacific Time, Saturday May 19”

Introducing PBworks Real-time Collaboration

A few weeks back, we asked you to guess what we’d be announcing at Enterprise 2.0. You need wonder no longer. On Monday, PBworks announced its real-time collaboration update.  Starting on November 17, Project and Legal Edition customers will have a whole new way to use PBworks to work together. IM Collaboration Live Notifications LiveContinue reading “Introducing PBworks Real-time Collaboration”

Riding the Wave: A History of Real-time Collaboration

Now that I’ve started to talk with analysts and other early adopters about PBworks’ upcoming Real-time Collaboration update (more on that later), one of the very first questions I always get is, “Is that like Google Wave?” Many people, even industry experts, are under the impression that Google Wave is the first product to offerContinue reading “Riding the Wave: A History of Real-time Collaboration”