Schtuff transition is on track to happen in the next few days

I just spoke to Nathan, our CTO, about the Schtuff transition. He told me that he’s working with Carl at Schtuff to finalize importing the Schtuff wikis to PBwiki. We expect to give the technical thumbs-up to the Schtuff team within 24 hours. After that, Schtuff will begin contacting its (our?) users to let themContinue reading “Schtuff transition is on track to happen in the next few days”

Nathan Schmidt (PBwiki CTO) gives a talk at Stanford tomorrow

Our very own Nathan! Nathan is the CTO of, a Palo Alto-based startup that is now the world’s largest hoster of wikis. Nathan will be speaking about “how to keep a popular web service from melting when it becomes popular – Debian, PHP, Apache, Lighttpd, Squid, Memcache, MogileFS and MySQL.” Nathan was a PresidentContinue reading “Nathan Schmidt (PBwiki CTO) gives a talk at Stanford tomorrow”

PBwiki Presenter Pack

Over the last three months we’ve been offering our users PBwiki presenter packs. If you’re interested in giving a presentation about PBwiki (or Web 2.0 technologies in general) we’d love to ship you our presenter pack. It’s free! The presenter pack includes: A PBwiki shirt. Choose your favorite An easy-to-read PDF overview of PBwiki toContinue reading “PBwiki Presenter Pack”