Read about PBwiki in InformationWeek

InformationWeek just came out with a great article on the impact of Web 2.0 collaboration tools like PBwiki on the role of IT.  Web 2.0 and Software-as-a-Service represent a major paradigm shift for IT managers, but as InformationWeek puts it: “You can ignore Web 2.0 tools, or try to shoo users away. If you takeContinue reading “Read about PBwiki in InformationWeek”

A PBwiki Webinar, Starring *You*

As y’all might have noticed from our Web site, PBwiki is now conducting regular webinars to help folks learn how they can use PBwiki to make their lives better: The reaction to these webinars has been so positive, that now we’d like to expand them to include PBwiki users. If you’d like to beContinue reading “A PBwiki Webinar, Starring *You*”

How one author uses PBwiki to let anyone edit his New York Times bestseller

Tim Ferriss is the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, a book that’s become phenomenally successful. (The book is about “lifestyle design” and working less to achieve your goals, including some provocative ideas about outsourcing your life.) After simultaneously being listed as a bestseller on the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Businessweek lists, AdvertisingContinue reading “How one author uses PBwiki to let anyone edit his New York Times bestseller”

PBwiki in Fortune Small Business / Tips On Driving Adoption

Fortune Small Business just wrote a nice article about how Lee Rosen of Rosen Law used his creativity to drive adoption of his PBwiki. Rosen offered a $1,000 cash prize to his 32 employees–for every page they created on the wiki, they earned a possible combination to the company safe (which contained the aforementioned $1,000). Continue reading “PBwiki in Fortune Small Business / Tips On Driving Adoption”

Introducing Paul Singh, PBwiki's new Director of Support

We want to welcome Paul Singh, our newest member of the PBwiki family. As the Director of Support, he’ll be responsible for getting you the help and training you need from PBwiki. Paul has an extraordinary background in Saas (software as a service) support. In the past, he’s built up a support organization for aContinue reading “Introducing Paul Singh, PBwiki's new Director of Support”

PBwiki hosts more pages than Wikipedia!

We’re surprised and thrilled to see how fast our PBwiki community is growing. Today, we’re announcing some news: If your co-workers or friends have been wondering about using wikis, point them to this post for a roundup of articles on using PBwiki to make your life easier. 1. Video: See how we use PBwiki toContinue reading “PBwiki hosts more pages than Wikipedia!”

To our PBwiki community: How should we spread the word about PBwiki in the Fortune 500?

We were combing through some data a few weeks ago and discovered something interesting: Over 1/3 of the Fortune 500 has used PBwiki. This is great news for our Small Business Edition — with so many Fortune 500 users, we’ve already seen small business users feeling more comfortable about security and safety. So we’re turningContinue reading “To our PBwiki community: How should we spread the word about PBwiki in the Fortune 500?”

Brief Power Outage Aug 10, PBwiki Back Up & Happy

Folks, This morning at 8:03am PDT, our San Francisco center had a power issue, causing about half of our servers there to go down. Due to the large amount of data we now safeguard, as our servers came back up, some of them took a while to verify the correctness of PBwiki’s data, and oneContinue reading “Brief Power Outage Aug 10, PBwiki Back Up & Happy”

Mike Bulajewski joins PBwiki as a UI engineer — welcome!

We’re thrilled to welcome Mike Bulajewski to the PBwiki family as a UI engineer: Mike couldn’t decide if he wanted to create intuitive and beautiful designs, or write web applications that work, so he he came to PBwiki to do both. Mike brings skills in visual design, a love for intuitive interfaces, and the technicalContinue reading “Mike Bulajewski joins PBwiki as a UI engineer — welcome!”

Welcome to our newest engineer, Jim Blomo

Jim Blomo, a friend of mine since junior high (!), joined the PBwiki team last week. Growing up in the rough neighborhood of IRC’s #crackz, Jim escaped the shadowy life of “reverse engineering” to become classically trained at UC Berkeley’s EECS program. There he participated in all things nerdy: playing the Cal Marching Band, beingContinue reading “Welcome to our newest engineer, Jim Blomo”