PBworks adds support for Google Chrome, drops Firefox 2

I do a lot of cross browser testing as part of my job as Gentleman of Quality (Head of QA) here at PBworks and I keep a close eye on which browsers our users are adopting and which ones are fading away. I’m pleased to announce that we’re adding support for Google Chrome, an excellent browserContinue reading “PBworks adds support for Google Chrome, drops Firefox 2”

A/B Testing at PBworks

At PBworks, we take our data seriously.  So it should be no surprise to learn that we use A/B testing techniques to aid our product and website development decisions.  Having a web-based product means that we can quickly learn what our customers like and what they don’t like and make changes accordingly.  If you’re notContinue reading “A/B Testing at PBworks”

Farewell to the BubbleShare Plugin

As the users of BubbleShare already know, BubbleShare.com will no longer provide free photo hosting after November 15, 2009. The site will be taken down and all links to albums and photos will cease to exist. (Read the official announcement here) In light of this news, PBworks will no longer offer the BubbleShare plugin. OnContinue reading “Farewell to the BubbleShare Plugin”

New Feature – Full Screen Edit

Have you ever edited your workspace and though, “This edit box is just too small, I want more space!” No problem! Our latest feature, called Full Screen Edit, allows you to expand your edit box to the full width and height of your screen. With full screen edit you only see the toolbar and saveContinue reading “New Feature – Full Screen Edit”

Summer Camp 2009 – Learn while you earn a free premium upgrade

Last year we asked educators “who wants to build the ultimate classroom wiki and have it ready for the start of the fall semester.” Over 1,500 people responded and took part in the first PBworks Summer Camp. Check out the responses: “I want to learn as much as I can about the “free” tools availableContinue reading “Summer Camp 2009 – Learn while you earn a free premium upgrade”

New Feature: Document Import

Introducing a whole new way to create pages on your PBworks. Our newest feature – Document Import – allows you to convert your Microsoft Office files into pages on your PBworks space. The recent document management release allowed you to upload and share your documents and files – but it was still tricky to copyContinue reading “New Feature: Document Import”

Official Announcement – We're changing our name!

When PBwiki launched in 2005, our founder David was excited to build a fast and easy way to create a wiki. He even named the company PBwiki – because starting your own wiki was ‘as easy as making a Peanut Butter sandwich’. In fact, it’s still easy to use our product, and you can definitelyContinue reading “Official Announcement – We're changing our name!”

Star important pages and receive personalized notifications

Our new feature, Starred Pages, makes it super simple to bookmark the pages that matter most to you and quickly navigate to them. If you have a large wiki with hundreds of pages, you probably work on only few of these pages but you receive notifications about all the changes on every page. Now youContinue reading “Star important pages and receive personalized notifications”

New Feature: Easily share pages and update your team

Today collaborating on your wiki became that much easier! We’re excited to introduce the new “Send a link” feature. This feature lets you tell other members of your team that you’ve updated the workspace, and ask them to review, comment, or edit the page. Before when you wanted to share work with your team, youContinue reading “New Feature: Easily share pages and update your team”