PBwiki is heading to the NBA All-Star Game!

Uber-blogger Henry Abbott of TrueHoop (now part of ESPN) is heading to the NBA All-Star Game, and he’s taking PBwiki with him. Henry has asked TrueHoop’s tens of thousands of readers to join with him in creating a wiki for the All-Star Game which will include articles, posts, videos, and other original content.  And he’sContinue reading “PBwiki is heading to the NBA All-Star Game!”

PBwiki Preview: The improved editor in PBwiki 2.0

One of the strongest pieces of feedback we’ve gotten is to improve our editor. Good news — PBwiki 2.0 includes a new editor that makes using your wiki far easier. I’ve been using it internally and it’s fantastic. Click to enlarge What does the new editor include? Better handling of bullet points and numbered lists.Continue reading “PBwiki Preview: The improved editor in PBwiki 2.0”

PBwiki in Fortune Small Business / Tips On Driving Adoption

Fortune Small Business just wrote a nice article about how Lee Rosen of Rosen Law used his creativity to drive adoption of his PBwiki. Rosen offered a $1,000 cash prize to his 32 employees–for every page they created on the wiki, they earned a possible combination to the company safe (which contained the aforementioned $1,000). Continue reading “PBwiki in Fortune Small Business / Tips On Driving Adoption”

Shaping the customer service experience

Improved customer service experience can be approached from two angles – business process changes or technology choices (or some combination of the two). I’d like to share some key trends shaping the business processes related to customer service today: Take an “outside-in” approach: a growing number of businesses are realizing the importance of having a greaterContinue reading “Shaping the customer service experience”

PBwiki – A typical day at the office

We’re big fans of spicy food here at PBwiki and so today we set up a contest at the office to see who can take down the spiciest hot sauce within a set period of time. The rules: We used the following hot sauces (generously provided by TK): Round 1: Dave’s hurtin’ Jalapeno Round 2:Continue reading “PBwiki – A typical day at the office”

Great Expectations (Management)

One of the skills every marketer (if not every person) needs to master is the art of managing expectations. Managing expectations is a “Goldilocks” task–too high, and they’ll be impossible to meet; too low, and they’ll detract from your accomplishments; just right, and you’ll be a hero.  Of the potential pitfalls, high expectations are perhapsContinue reading “Great Expectations (Management)”

Software-as-a-Service: Give 'em what they want

We’ve come a long way since the early days of Salesforce.com, when Marc Benioff was blazing a trail with his “No Software” campaign.  Back then, the big question was whether or not corporate IT departments would ever accept on-demand software, as opposed to the traditional approach of on-premise hosting. Here’s what Sun had to say:Continue reading “Software-as-a-Service: Give 'em what they want”