Introducing PBworks Real-time Collaboration

A few weeks back, we asked you to guess what we’d be announcing at Enterprise 2.0. You need wonder no longer. On Monday, PBworks announced its real-time collaboration update.  Starting on November 17, Project and Legal Edition customers will have a whole new way to use PBworks to work together. IM Collaboration Live Notifications LiveContinue reading “Introducing PBworks Real-time Collaboration”

Riding the Wave: A History of Real-time Collaboration

Now that I’ve started to talk with analysts and other early adopters about PBworks’ upcoming Real-time Collaboration update (more on that later), one of the very first questions I always get is, “Is that like Google Wave?” Many people, even industry experts, are under the impression that Google Wave is the first product to offerContinue reading “Riding the Wave: A History of Real-time Collaboration”

Introducing Network User Signup

One of the recent requests we received from a Project Edition customer asked, “Can I set up my network so that anyone from my company can join the network, without my having to invite them?” This made a ton of sense, especially as Project Edition gets rolled out to ever larger numbers of corporate customers. Continue reading “Introducing Network User Signup”

PBworks Launches Its Social Collaboration Update

If you’ve ever wondered how the functionality of Facebook and Twitter might be able to help you get your work done, the PBworks Social Collaboration Update gives you the chance to find out for yourself. Starting today, PBworks Project Edition (and PBworks Legal Edition) now includes social networking-style user profiles, Twitter-style microblogging, and the abilityContinue reading “PBworks Launches Its Social Collaboration Update”

New Feature – Full Screen Edit

Have you ever edited your workspace and though, “This edit box is just too small, I want more space!” No problem! Our latest feature, called Full Screen Edit, allows you to expand your edit box to the full width and height of your screen. With full screen edit you only see the toolbar and saveContinue reading “New Feature – Full Screen Edit”

Welcome, PBworks Project Edition!

For most of us, work is a series of projects. We’re always drawing up plans (some more formal than others) and trying to carry them out, usually as part of a team. That’s why it’s not surprising that so many people use PBworks for project management.  After all, if PBworks is a great solution forContinue reading “Welcome, PBworks Project Edition!”

New Feature: Document Import

Introducing a whole new way to create pages on your PBworks. Our newest feature – Document Import – allows you to convert your Microsoft Office files into pages on your PBworks space. The recent document management release allowed you to upload and share your documents and files – but it was still tricky to copyContinue reading “New Feature: Document Import”

PBwiki Single Sign-On 3.0

We’ve recently released the third generation of our single sign-on capability, which represents a significant increase in functionality. Previous generations of PBwiki’s single sign-on let you authenticate people from a particular domain; in other words, if I ran an authentication server for, I could allow other people with identities to log into myContinue reading “PBwiki Single Sign-On 3.0”

Star important pages and receive personalized notifications

Our new feature, Starred Pages, makes it super simple to bookmark the pages that matter most to you and quickly navigate to them. If you have a large wiki with hundreds of pages, you probably work on only few of these pages but you receive notifications about all the changes on every page. Now youContinue reading “Star important pages and receive personalized notifications”

New Feature: Easily share pages and update your team

Today collaborating on your wiki became that much easier! We’re excited to introduce the new “Send a link” feature. This feature lets you tell other members of your team that you’ve updated the workspace, and ask them to review, comment, or edit the page. Before when you wanted to share work with your team, youContinue reading “New Feature: Easily share pages and update your team”