Search 2.0: Now Better, Faster, Stronger

Mmm, dogfood. Here at PBwiki, we make use of our own product pretty extensively. And having used an internal PBwiki for some three years, we’ve accumulated a pretty large collection of material! This makes it ever more important that we be able to search it and find what we’re looking for. So we’ve dramatically overhauledContinue reading “Search 2.0: Now Better, Faster, Stronger”

New Feature — Re-arrange Your Sidebar Modules

Have you ever wanted to re-arrange your Sidebar on the right side of your wiki? At PBwiki, we just love adding new features. There are enough wiki jockeys here in at PBHQ that it guarantees we’ll have differing opinions on how things should work — that’s one of the reasons we work hard to fitContinue reading “New Feature — Re-arrange Your Sidebar Modules”

New feature: Email notifications look better, work better

We’re happy to announce our improved notifications emails, which have new functionality and a brand-new visual design. We previewed these earlier, and today we’re launching these to all PBwiki 2.0 wikis. (Still on PBwiki 1.0? Click here to update your 2.0 wiki before everyone else.) The new notifications include: Comment notifications. Your email notifications nowContinue reading “New feature: Email notifications look better, work better”

New PBwiki feature: Footnotes

PBwiki now supports footnotes. Whether you’re using PBwiki for research, collaborative writing, or organization, there are always lots of little details that you need to keep track of — places where sticking little snippets of text and references would be handy. Here’s a quick sample: To insert a footnote: Click Insert Plugin >> PBwiki MagicContinue reading “New PBwiki feature: Footnotes”

New email notifications for your PBwiki 2.0

When PBwiki 2.0 launched, it included lots of great new features, but one thing stayed exactly the same: the notification emails you got when somebody changed a page on your wiki. We fixed that today — here is a sneak preview of the new version of notifications. The new notifications… Let you see all changesContinue reading “New email notifications for your PBwiki 2.0”

PBwiki Preview: The improved editor in PBwiki 2.0

One of the strongest pieces of feedback we’ve gotten is to improve our editor. Good news — PBwiki 2.0 includes a new editor that makes using your wiki far easier. I’ve been using it internally and it’s fantastic. Click to enlarge What does the new editor include? Better handling of bullet points and numbered lists.Continue reading “PBwiki Preview: The improved editor in PBwiki 2.0”

PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Folders

[See our past Previews of PBwiki 2.0: Page-level access and Overview.] Organizing your wiki becomes important as you add more and more content. In PBwiki 2.0, we’ve improved navigation with better search, improved tagging, and page folders. Today, I’m going to cover page folders in PBwiki 2.0. When it comes to PBwiki organization, there areContinue reading “PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Folders”

PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Page-level permissions

[See our past Previews of PBwiki 2.0: Overview] We’ve received hundreds of notes from users who want to control access to specific pages on their wikis. We’re happy to announce that PBwiki 2.0 will include page-level access. Today we’re taking you on a preview tour of how page-level access controls will work. In PBwiki 2.0,Continue reading “PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Page-level permissions”

Here's how to get the improved PBwiki Sidebar — free

[Update, 11/1/07]: Clarified this post. Now everyone can use our improved Sidebar. This Sidebar lets you have three tabs: QuickStart: A list of simple actions to help people get accustomed to using PBwiki. Recent Activity: A list of recent changes on the wiki. SideBar: The regular Sidebar page, which is fully-editable. Most people use thisContinue reading “Here's how to get the improved PBwiki Sidebar — free”

New feature – Create your own template

Hey everyone, I’m excited about this new feature – it’s one that I will use often and I hope you will too. We’ve have created a quick and easy way for you to create your own templates. A template allows you to easily replicate wiki pages from the same design or style. They save timeContinue reading “New feature – Create your own template”